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You are here: Contents > 2013 > Volume 22 Number 5 September 2013 > MISCELLANEOUS


An Old Mitral Homograft in the Tricuspid Position
Paula Campelos, Juan F. Encalada, José Ramírez, José L. Pomar, Carlos-A. Mestres
Outcomes of Minimally Invasive Triple Valve Surgery Performed Via a Right Anterior Thoracotomy Approach
Hany M. Elmahdy, Francisco O. Nascimento, Orlando Santana, Joseph Lamelas
Resistance to Secondary Thrombosis of the On-X Mitral Prosthesis
Federica Jiritano, Giuseppe F. Serraino, Michele Rossi, Giuseppe Pisano, Attilio Renzulli
The Significance of Prosthesis Type on Survival Following Valve Replacement in Dialysis Patients
David A. D’Alessandro, Edvard Skripochnik, Siyamek Neragi-Miandoab
Surgical-Transcatheter Approach for Endocarditis of a Calcified Aortic Homograft
Herko Grubitzsch, Michael Laule, Karl Stangl, Alexander Lembcke, Michael Sander, Torsten Christ, Wolfgang Konertz
Right Ventricular Reduction for Repair of Functional Tricuspid Valve Regurgitation: One-Year Follow Up
Ahmed Ouda, Klaus Matschke, Tamer Ghazy, Uwe Speiser, Konstantin Alexiou, Sems-Malte Tugtekin, Steffen Schoen, Utz Kappert