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You are here: Contents > 2004 > Volume 13 Number 4 July 2004 > MECHANICAL PROSTHESES > Leaflet Escape in a TRI Bileaflet Rotatable Mitral Valve

Leaflet Escape in a TRI Bileaflet Rotatable Mitral Valve

Murat Dikmengil, Nehir Sucu, Barlas Naim Aytacoglu, Ilhan Mavioglu
Mersin University, School of Medicine, Department of Cardiovascular Surgery, Mersin, Turkey

Acute prosthetic valve dysfunction is a critical condition for any patient, and is associated with a high mortality. A 24-year-old man who had undergone mitral valve replacement with a TRI bileaflet valve four months previously at another center was admitted with acute-onset left ventricular failure. Echocardiography showed massive mitral insufficiency which was suggestive of a stuck valve. Emergency surgery was carried out, at which the cranial leaflet was found to be stuck open. There was no tissue impingement and thrombosis, the caudal leaflet was absent, and there were no signs of endocarditis or pannus formation. The TRI valve was removed

and a replacement 25 mm bileaflet mechanical valve inserted. The embolized leaflet was found in the terminal aorta, but the patient died on day 66 after surgery due to sepsis which had developed from aspiration pneumonia. This is the first report of leaflet escape and terminal aortic embolization with the TRI bileaflet rotatable mitral valve. Acute deterioration of a patient with a prosthetic heart valve should suggest valve dysfunction for which appropriate treatment is rapid relief of the failing left ventricle and replacement of the defective valve with a functioning prosthesis.

The Journal of Heart Valve Disease 2004;13:638-640
Leaflet Escape in a TRI Bileaflet Rotatable Mitral Valve

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