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You are here: Contents > 2006 > Volume 15 Number 1 January 2006 > INFECTIVE ENDOCARDITIS


Surgical Management of Infective Endocarditis
Davinder S. Jassal MD, Ansar Hassan MD, Karen J. Buth MS, Tomas G. Neilan MD, Chris Koilpillai MD, Greg M. Hirsch MD
Pacemaker-Related Endocarditis: Clinical Features and Treatment
Martín Ruiz MD, Manuel Anguita MD, Juan C. Castillo MD, Mónica Delgado MD, Elías Romo MD, Francisco Torres MD, Dolores Mesa MD, Manuel Franco MD, Federico Vallés MD
Infective Endocarditis in Intravenous Drug Abusers: Patterns of Presentation and Long-Term Outcomes of Surgical Treatment
Antonio Carozza MD, Luca Salvatore De Santo MD, Gianpaolo Romano MD, Alessandro Della CorteMD, Fabio Ursomando MD, Michelangelo Scardone MD, Giuseppe Caianiello MD, Maurizio Cotrufo MD