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You are here: Contents > 2014 > Volume 23 Number 3 May 2014 > AORTIC VALVE DISEASE


Calcium and Phosphorus Concentrations in Native and Decellularized Semilunar Valve Tissues
Gayathri Acharya, Matthew Armstrong, Chris McFall, Rachael W. Quinn, Stephen L. Hilbert, Gabriel L. Converse, Peter B. Toth, Ashley K. Sherman, Chi H. Lee, Gary K. Lofland, Richard A. Hopkins
Quantification of Low-Gradient Severe Aortic Stenosis Using a Hybrid Approach Combining Doppler Echocardiography and Thermodilution
Philippe Unger, Chantal Dedobbeleer, Eric Stoupel, Nicolas Preumont, Jean-François Argacha, Guy Berkenboom, Guy Van Camp
Relationship Between Left Ventricular Diastolic Function and Arterial Stiffness in Patients with Bicuspid Aortic Valve
Gonenc Kocabay, Can Yucel Karabay, Sedat Kalkan, Arzu Kalayci, Suleyman Cagan Efe, Taylan Akgun, Ruken Bengi Bakal, Serdar Demir, Akın İzgi, Cevat Kırma
Repositioning of an Intraventricular Dislocated Aortic Valve during Transcatheter Aortic Valve Implantation
Ehsan Natour, Yvonne L. Douglas, Jayant S. Jainandunsing, Remco A. J. Schurer, Hendrik W. van der Werf, Ad F. M. van den Heuvel
Valve-Sparing Aortic Root Replacement in Patients with Marfan Syndrome Enrolled in the National Registry of Genetically Triggered Thoracic Aortic Aneurysms and Cardiovascular Conditions
Howard K. Song, Liliana R. Preiss, Cheryl L. Maslen, Barbara Kroner, Richard B. Devereux, Mary J. Roman, Kathryn W. Holmes, H. Eser Tolunay, Patrice Desvigne-Nickens, Federico M. Asch, Rita K. Milewski, Joseph Bavaria, Scott A. LeMaire, for the GenTAC Consortiu