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You are here: Contents > 2015 > Volume 24 Number 4 July 2015 > MISCELLANEOUS


The Role of Interleukin-13 in Patients with Rheumatic Valvular Fibrosis: A Clinical and Histological Study
Qi Liu, Wei-Hua Qiao, Fei-fei Li, Peng Deng, Zhi-Wei Hu
Incremental Value of Cardiac Magnetic Resonance for Assessing Pulmonic Valve Regurgitation
Michael Zdradzinski, Rachel Elkin, Stephen Hart, Scott Flamm, Richard Krasuski
Prophylactic Tricuspid Annuloplasty in Patients Undergoing Double Valve Replacement
Dong Seop Jeong, Man-shik Shim, Kiick Sung, Wook Sung Kim, Young Tak Lee, Pyo Won Park