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You are here: Contents > 2017 > Volume 26 Number 2 March 2017 > BASIC SCIENCE > Is Fasting for Ramadan Safe in Patients with Mechanical Cardiac Valves?

Is Fasting for Ramadan Safe in Patients with Mechanical Cardiac Valves?

Ersin Yildirim1,2, Ozlem Secen1, Okkes Uku1, Mehmet Nail Bilen1, Makbule Kutlu Karadag1

1Elazığ Education and Research Hospitall, Elazig, Turkey
2Electronic correspondence:

Background and aim of the study: The study aim was to investigate the safety and effects of fasting during Ramadan on the International Normalized Ratio (INR) in patients with mechanical cardiac valves.

Methods: A total of 105 patients admitted to the authors’ hospital between June and October 2015, who had history of prosthetic valve replacement, was investigated. The patients were allocated to two groups: those fasting during Ramadan (n = 42) and those not fasting (n = 63). All patients were examined by a cardiologist, and the clinical findings and complaints for the past three months were evaluated. The INR, complete blood count (CBC) and a basic biochemical panel were monitored for all patients.

Results: The mean corpuscular volume (MCV) of the fasting group was significantly higher than that of the non-

fasting group (87.59 ± 6.39 (μm3) versus 84.28 ± 6.387 (μm3); p = 0.011). Other CBC parameters and basic biochemical values did not differ significantly different between groups. Neither were significant differences noted in INR values during Ramadan (fasting group 2.87 ± 0.97; non-fasting group 2.73 ± 0.78; p = 0.50) and at routine control one month later (fasting group 3.07 ± 1.55; non-fasting group 2.94 ± 1.03; p = 0.601). No significant differences related to increased rates of hospitalization, valvular dysfunction on echocardiography, thrombus, embolism, bleeding and clinical complaints were identified between the groups.

Conclusion: Fasting during Ramadan had no adverse effects on the INR of patients, and appears to be safe for patients with mechanical prosthetic cardiac valves.

The Journal of Heart Valve Disease 2017;26:200-204

Is Fasting for Ramadan Safe in Patients with Mechanical Cardiac Valves?

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