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You are here: Contents > 2017 > Volume 26 Number 3 May 2017 > MISCELLANEOUS


A Staged Approach of Proximal Left Anterior Descending Coronary Artery Percutaneous Intervention Followed by Minimally Invasive Valve Surgery
Andrés M. Pineda, Christos G. Mihos, Juan P. Rodriguez-Escudero, Joseph Lamelas, Nirat Beohar, Orlando Santana
Carcinoid Valve Disease: A Case Report and Review
Daniel Heikali, Nelson Chang, Ramin Tabibiazar
miR-92a: A Novel Potential Biomarker of Rapid Aortic Valve Calcification
Joseph Nader, Valérie Metzinger-Le Meuth, Pierre Maitrias, Jean-Régis Humbert, Benjamin Brigant, Christophe Tribouilloy, Laurent Metzinger, Thierry Caus
Immunologic Responses in Biological and Mechanical Valve Prostheses: Inflammation and Functionality Are Not Always Related
Alejandra Rodriguez-Hernandez, Maria Elena Soto, Jesus Vargas-Barron, Ricardo Marquez, Rafael Bojalil-Parra, Israel Perez-Torres, Jose Luis Salas-Pacheco, Valentin Jimenez-Rojas, Jose Antonio Arias-Godinez, Veronica Guarner-Lans