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You are here: Contents > 2004 > Volume 13 Number 5 September 2004 > AORTIC VALVE DISEASE


Heyde’s Syndrome: A Review
Gordon E. Pate MSc, Mann Chandavimol MD, Sheldon C. Naiman MD, John G. Webb MD
An Epidemiological Study of Heyde’s Syndrome: An Association between Aortic Stenosis and Gastrointestinal Bleeding
Gordon E. Pate MSc, Aisling Mulligan MA
A Versatile Technique for Aortic Root Replacement Without Pre-Manufactured Composite Graft: A 12-year experience
James C. Halstead MRCS, Eric Lim MRCS, Ayyaz Ali MRCS, Steven Tsui MD, Stephen Large FRCS, John Wallwork FRCS, John Dunning FRCS
Effects of Valve Replacement on Left Ventricular Function in Patients with Aortic Regurgitation and Severe Ventricular Disease
Julian Collinson MD, Marcus Flather FRCP, John R. Pepper FRCS, Michael Henein PhD
Hemodynamic Performance on Exercise: Comparison of a Stentless and Stented Biological Aortic Valve Replacement
John Chambers MD, Helen Rimington MD, Ronak Rajani MD, Fiona Hodson MD,
Christopher Blauth FRCS
‘BioGlue’ for the Repair of Aortic Insufficiency in Acute Aortic Dissection
Ehud Raanani MD, Georgios P. Georghiou MD, Alex Kogan MD, Boniface Wandwi MD, Yaron Shapira MD, Bernardo A. Vidne MD
Ten-Year Follow Up after Autologous Rectus Abdominis Fascia Sheath Patch Repair of Aortic Root Abscess
Nikolaos B. Tsilimingas MD, Yskert von Kodolitsch MD, Beate Reiter MD,
Thomas Münzel MD, Thomas Meinertz MD