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You are here: Contents > 2004 > Volume 13 Number 4 July 2004 > BIOMATERIALS


Evaluation of Stentless Kangaroo Aortic Valves in the Mitral Position of Juvenile Sheep
Andrew J. Hodge, William M. L Neethling, Ross Glancy
ADAPT-Treated Porcine Valve Tissue (Cusp and Wall) versus Medtronic Freestyle and Prima Plus: Crosslink Stability and Calcification Behavior in the Subcutaneous Rat Model
William M. L. Neethling, Ross Glancy, Andrew J. Hodge
Inhibition of Calcification with Citric Acid in Pericardial Bioprosthetic Heart Valve Material: A Preliminary Report
Nehir Sucu, Lulufer Tamer, Barlas Aytacoglu, Ayse Polat, H. Ali Dondas, Ali Gul, Murat Dikmengil, Ugur Atik