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You are here: Contents > 2004 > Volume 13 Number 2 March 2004

Volume 13 Number 2 March 2004


Should a Video-Assisted Mini-Thoracotomy be the Approach of Choice for Reoperative Mitral Valve Surgery?
Gil Bolotin MD, Alan P. Kypson MD, Clifton C. Reade MD, Victor F. Chu MD, William L. Freund, Jr., MD, L. Wiley Nifong MD, W. Randolph Chitwood, Jr. MD
Relationship between Control of Ventricular Rate in Atrial Fibrillation and Systemic Coagulation Activation in Patients with Mitral Stenosis
Ramazan Atak MD, Hasan Turhan MD, Kubilay Senen MD, Kenan Yalta MD, Selime Ayaz, Omer Alyan MD, Nurcan Basar MD, Deniz Demirkan MD
Mitral Annular Size Predicts Alfieri Stitch Tension in Mitral Edge-to-Edge Repair
Tomasz A. Timek MD, Sten L. Nielsen MD, David T. Lai FRACS, Frederick Tibayan MD, David Liang MD, George T. Daughters MS, Philip Beineke BS, Trevor Hastie PhD, Neil B. Ingels, Jr., PhD, D. Craig Miller MD
Hemodynamic Performance Following the Ross Operation: Comparison of Two Different Techniques
Jürgen O. Böhm MD, Cornelius A. Botha FCS SA, Wolfgang Hemmer MD, Claudia Schmidtke MD, J. F. Matthias Bechtel MD, Ulrich Stierle MD, Joachim-Gerd Rein MD, Hans H. Sievers MD
Influence of Atypical Symptoms and Electrocardiographic Signs of Left Ventricular Hypertrophy or ST-Segment/T-Wave Abnormalities on the Natural History of otherwise Asymptomatic Adults with Moderate to Severe Aortic Stenosis: Preliminary Communication
Detlef Hering MD, Cornelia Piper MD, Dieter Horstkotte MD
The Effect of Heart Rate on Color M-Mode Doppler Flow Propagation Velocity and Continuous-Wave Doppler Parameters in Aortic Insufficiency
Alper O. Onbasili MD, Tarkan Tekten MD, Ceyhun Ceyhan MD, Tunca Piskin MD
Left Ventricular Free-Floating Ball Thrombus Complicating Aortic Valve Stenosis
Vedat Davutoglu MD, Serdar Soydinc MD, Adnan Celkan MD, Zekeriya Kucukdurmaz MD
Native versus Primary Prosthetic Valve Endocarditis: Comparison of Clinical Features and Long-Term Outcome in 353 Patients
Gianpaolo Romano MD, Antonio Carozza MD, Alessandro Della Corte MD, Luca S. De Santo MD, Cristiano Amarelli MD, Michele Torella MD, Marisa De Feo MD, Flavio Cerasuolo MD, Maurizio Cotrufo MD
Tailored Surgical Therapy for Acute Native Mitral Valve Endocarditis
Tomislav Mihaljevic MD, Subroto Paul MD, Marzia Leacche MD, James D. Rawn MD, Sary Aranki MD, Patrick T. O’Gara MD, Lawrence H. Cohn MD, John G. Byrne MD
Bacterial Endocarditis Complicating Mitral Annular Calcification: A Clinical and Echocardiographic Study
J. C. Eicher MD, L. De Nadai MD, F. X. Soto MD, S. Falcon-Eicher MD, P. Dobsák MD, G. Zanetta MD, J. M. Petit MD, H. Portier MD, P. Louis MD, J. E. Wolf MD
Successful Cardiac Surgery 24 Hours after Craniotomy in a Patient with Infective Endocarditis and Embolic Cerebellar Infarction: Case Report
T. A. Rupprecht MD, S. Weil MD, P. A. Winkler MD, E. Kreuzer MD, H. W. Pfister MD
A Five-Year Follow Up of the ATS Mechanical Heart Valve
Robert W. Emery MD, Christopher C. Krogh, Deb J. Jones RN, Demetre M. Nicoloff MD, David P. Blake MD, Kit V. Arom MD
The Mosaic Valve Clinical Performance at Seven Years: Results from a Multicenter Prospective Clinical Trial
Guy Fradet MD, Niels Bleese MD, Edward Busse MD, Eric Jamieson MD, Peter Raudkivi MD, Jacob Goldstein MD, Jacques Metras MD
Initial Experience with the Toronto Root Bioprosthesis
Tirone E. David MD, Friedrich W. Mohr MD, Joseph E. Bavaria MD, John W. Hammon, Jr. MD, Marvin J. Smith, III MD, Reed D. Quinn MD, David S. Bach MD
Preclinical Hemodynamic Assessment of a New Trileaflet Mechanical Valve in the Aortic Position in a Bovine Model
Igor D. Gregoric MD, Kazuhiro Eya MD, Daniel Tamez BS, Roberto Cervera MD, Denise Byler, Jeff Conger BS, Egemen Tuzun MD, Hyun Keun Chee MD, Fred J. Clubb PhD, Kamuran Kadipasaoglu PhD, O. H. Frazier MD
The Influence of Coronary Artery Disease on Quality of Life after Mechanical Valve Replacement
Paul A. Kurlansky MD, Donald B. Williams MD, Ernest A. Traad MD, Roger G. Carrillo MD, John S. Schor MD, Melinda Zucker BSN, George Ebra EdD
Review article: Tissue Engineering of Semilunar Heart Valves: Current Status and Future Developments
Anita Mol MSc, Carlijn V. C. Bouten PhD, Frank P. T. Baaijens PhD, Gregor Zünd MD, Marko I. Turina MD, Simon P. Hoerstrup MD
Transforming Growth Factor-b-Induced Transition of Fibroblasts: A Model for Myofibroblast Procurement in Tissue Valve Engineering
Kishan Narine MD, Olivier DeWever PhD, Koen Cathenis MD, Marc Mareel MD, Yves Van Belleghem MD, Guido Van Nooten MD
Cell Viability Mapping within Long-Term Heart Valve Organ Cultures
David D. Allison, Judith A. Drazba PhD, Ivan Vesely PhD, Khalid N. Kader PhD, K. Jane Grande-Allen PhD
Morphological Analyses of Ice-free and Frozen Cryopreserved Heart Valve Explants
Kelvin G. M. Brockbank PhD, Ying C. Song MD
Beating-Heart Valve Surgery in Patients with Renal Failure Requiring Hemodialysis
Saqib Masroor MD, Pierluca Lombardi MD, Hasan Tehrani MD, Said F. Yassin MD, Kushagra Katariya MD, Tomas A. Salerno MD
Reoperation for Severe Right Ventricular Dilatation after Tetralogy of Fallot Repair: Pulmonary Infundibuloplasty Should be Added to Homograft Implantation
Yves d’Udekem d’Acoz MD, Agnes Pasquet MD, Olivier Van Caenegem MD, Catherine Barrea MD, Thierry Sluysmans MD, Philippe Noirhomme MD, Jean Rubay MD