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You are here: Contents > 2004 > Volume 13 Number 4 July 2004 > AORTIC VALVE DISEASE


The Quadricuspid Aortic Valve: A Comprehensive Review
Oktay Tutarel MD
Risk Factors and Survival after Aortic Valve Replacement in Octogenarians
Wilhelm Mistiaen MD, Philip Van Cauwelaert MD, Philip Muylaert MD, Floris Wuyts PhD, Fernand Harrisson PhD, Hilde Bortier MD
Surgery for Aortic Stenosis in Octogenarians: Influence of Coronary Disease and other Comorbidities on Hospital Mortality
Thierry Langanay, MD, Bertrand De Latour MD, Karine Ligier MD, Thierry Derieux MD, Alfonso Agnino MD, Jean-Philippe Verhoye MD, Hervé Corbineau MD, Jacques Chaperon MD, Alain Leguerrier MD
Ten Years’ Experience in Aortic Valve Replacement with Homografts in 389 Cases
Eckehard Kilian MD, Martin Oberhoffer MD, Helmut Gulbins MD, Antje Uhlig MD, Eckart Kreuzer MD, Bruno Reichart MD
Expression of Bone Sialoprotein and Bone Morphogenetic Protein-2 in Calcific Aortic Stenosis
Jens J. Kaden MD, Svetlana Bickelhaupt MD, Rainer Grobholz MD, Christian Vahl MD, Siegfried Hagl MD, Martina Brueckmann MD, Karl K. Haase MD, Carl-Erik Dempfle MD, Martin Borggrefe MD
Decreased Aortic Distensibility and Coronary Flow Velocity Reserve in Patients with Significant Aortic Valve Stenosis with Normal Epicardial Coronary Arteries
Attila. Nemes MD, Tamás Forster MD, Miklós Csanády MD
Influence of ACE I/D Genotypes on Left Ventricular Hypertrophy in Aortic Stenosis: Gender-Related Differences
Ewa Orlowska-Baranowska MD, Grzegorz Placha MD, Zbigniew Gaciong MD, Rafal Baranowski MD, Dariusz Zakrzewski MD, Piotr Michalek MD, Piotr Hoffman MD, Irena Rawczynska-Englert MD
Hemodynamic Characterization of Calcified Stenotic Human Aortic Valves Before and After Treatment with a Novel Aortic Valve Repair System
Kevin L. Ohashi PhD, James Culkar MS, Jerome B. Riebman MD, Michael Estes PhD, Brent R. Constantz PhD, Ajit P. Yoganathan PhD
In-Vitro Contraction of the Equine Aortic Valve
Mark Bowen, Celia M. Marr, Adrian H. Chester, Caroline P. D. Wheeler-Jones, Jonathan Elliott