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You are here: Contents > 2006 > Volume 15 Number 1 January 2006 > DEVICE EVALUATION


Twenty-Year Results of the Hancock II Bioprosthesis
Michael A. Borger, Joan Ivanov, Susan Armstrong, Debbie Christie-Hrybinsky, Christopher M. Feindel, Tirone E. David
Is the St. Jude Medical Mechanical Valve an Appropriate Choice for Elderly Patients? A Long-Term Retrospective Study Measuring Quality of Life
Kevin D. Accola MD, Meredith L. Scott MD, S. David Spector MD, Paul A. Thompson MD, George J. Palmer MD, Mark E. Sand MD, Jorge E. Suarez-Cavalier MD, George Ebra EdD
Fifteen Years of Clinical and Echocardiographic Follow Up with the CarboMedics Heart Valve
Michel Carrier MD, Michel Pellerin MD, Arsène Basmadjian MD, Denis Bouchard MD, Louis P. Perrault MD, Raymond Cartier MD, Pierre Pagé MD, Philippe Demers MD
North American Multicenter Experience with the On-X® Prosthetic Heart Valve
Kathleen W. McNicholas, Tom D. Ivey, Jacques Metras, Szabolcs Szentpetery, Steven W. Marra, Roy G. Masters, Emery W. Dilling, Mark S. Slaughter, Michael J. Mack
The On-X® Heart Valve: Mid-Term Results in a Poorly Anticoagulated Population
Mervyn A. Williams FRCS (Ed), Sonia van Riet MMed
Hemodynamic Assessment of Mitral Mechanical Prostheses under High Flow Conditions: Comparison between Dynamic Exercise and Dobutamine Stress
Neil A. Hobson MD, Glen A. L. Wilkinson FRCS, Graham J. Cooper MD, Nigel M. Wheeldon MD, Jane Lynch BSc
Repeat Right Ventricular Outflow Tract Reconstruction Using the Medtronic Freestyle Porcine Aortic Root
Eldad Erez MD, Vincent K. H. Tam MD, Nancy A. Doublin MSN, Jeanie Stakes RN
Fatal Leaflet Escape in an Edwards TEKNA® Aortic Prosthesis
Heidi Pfeiffer MD, Julia Bertolini MD, Hans Heinrich Scheld MD, Bernd Brinkmann MD