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You are here: Contents > 2006 > Volume 15 Number 4 July 2006

Volume 15 Number 4 July 2006


Left Ventricular Volume Shifts and Aortic Root Expansion during isovolumic Contraction
Filiberto Rodríguez MD, G. Randall Green MD, Paul Dagum MD, J. Francisco Nistal MD, Katherine B. Harrington BA, George T. Daughters MS, Neil B. Ingels PhD, D. Craig Miller MD
Aortic Valve Replacement for Aortic Stenosis after Previous Coronary Artery Bypass Grafting: Could Early Reoperation be Prevented?
Jean Ph. Verhoye MD, Franceseca Merlicco MD, Ibrahim M. Sami MD, Giangiuseppe Cappabianca MD, Hervé Lecouls MD, Hervé Corbineau MD, Thierry Langanay MD, Alain Leguerrier MD
Outcome after Aortic Valve Replacement in Young Adults: Is Patient Profile more Important than Prosthesis Type?
Loes M. A. Klieverik MD, Mariska Noorlander MSc, Johanna J. M. Takkenberg MD, A. Pieter Kappetein MD, Jos A. Bekkers MD, Lex A. v. Herwerden MD, Ad J. J. C. Bogers MD
Aortic Annuloplasty with Aortic Root Reconstruction to Prevent Patient-Prosthesis Mismatch
Richard A. Hopkins MD
Aortic Valve Calcification as Quantified with Multislice Computed Tomography Predicts Short-Term Clinical Outcome in Patients with Asymptomatic Aortic Stenosis
Gudrun M. Feuchtner MD, Silvana Müller MD, Wilhelm Grander MD, Hannes F. Alber MD, Thomas Bartel MD, Guy J. Friedrich MD, Markus Reinthaler, Otmar Pachinger MD, Dieter zur Nedden MD, Wolfgang Dichtl MD
Nanobacteria to Promote Degenerative Aortic Valve Stenosis?
Cornelia Piper MD, Jens Dreier MD, Knut Kleesiek MD, Reiner Körfer MD, Dieter Horstkotte MD
Lower Serum Calcium Levels are Associated with Greater Calcium Hydroxyapatite Deposition in Native Aortic Valves of Male Patients with Severe Calcific Aortic Stenosis
Jan R. Ortlepp MD, Manuela Pillich MS, Fabian Schmitz MS, Vera Mevissen, Ralf Koos MD, Stefan Weiss, Ludwig Stork, Richard Dronskowski PhD, Georg Langebartels MD, Rüdiger Autschbach MD, Vincent Brandenburg, Seth Woodruff MD, Jens J. Kaden MD, Rainer Hoffmann MD
Myocardial Infarction with Ventricular Septal Rupture Complicating Elective Aortic Valve Replacement
J. Gerrit-Jan Milhous MD, Robin H. Heijmen MD, Egbert T. Bal MD, H. W. Thijs. Plokker MD
Delayed Systolic Anterior Motion after Mitral Valve Repair
Giuseppe Rescigno MD, Moreno Cecconi MD, Marco L. S. Matteucci MD, Paola Domenella MD, Christopher Münch MD, Gianfranco Iacobone MD
Combined Atrial Fibrillation Ablation with Mitral Valve Surgery
Thierry G. Mesana MD, Alexander Kulik MD, Marc Ruel MD, Paul Hendry MD, Roy Masters MD, Fraser D. Rubens MD, Pierre Bedard MD, B.-Khanh Lam MD
Editorial: TEE: the ‘Roadmap’ for Mitral Valve Repair
Carlos M. G. Duran MD
Echocardiographic Measurements Alone do Not Provide Accurate Non-Invasive Selection of Annuloplasty Band Size for Robotic Mitral Valve Repair
Richard C. Cook MD, L. Wiley Nifong MD, Graham G. Lashley MD, Robert A. Duncan MD, Julie A. Campbell RCS, Y. Brandon Law MD, W. Randolph Chitwood, Jr. MD
Posterior Leaflet Preservation in Mitral Valve Prolapse: A New Approach to Mitral Repair
Gilles D. Dreyfus MD, Pierre Corbi MD, Sylvain Rubin MD, Stéphane Aubert MD
An Evaluation of the Ross Operation in Adults
Magdi H. Yacoub FRS, Loes M. A. Klieverik MD, Giovanni Melina MD, Sue E. R. Edwards RN, Padmini Sarathchandra MD, Ad J. J. C. Bogers MD, Umberto Squarcia MD, Guido Sani MD, Lex A. van Herwerden MD, Johanna J. M. Takkenberg MD
Anti-HLA Antibodies after Cryopreserved Allograft Valve Implantation does not Predict Valve Dysfunction at Three-Year Follow Up
Cheng-Hon Yap MBBS, Peter D. Skillington FRACS, George Matalanis FRACS, Bruce B. Davis FRACS, Brian D. Tait PhD, Fiona Hudson BAppSc, Lyn Ireland MSc, Ian Nixon FRACS, Michael Yii FRACS
Clinical Experience with the 3F Stentless Aortic Bioprosthesis: One-Year Follow Up
J. Linneweber, C. Koßagk, M.L. Rogge, S. Dushe, P. Dohmen, W. Konertz
Hemodynamics of High-Performance Bileaflet Valves: Comparison to Simulated Clinical Doppler Measurements
Guido Dohmen MD, Christoph Schmitz Dipl.-Ing, Thomas Schmitz-Rode MD, Ulrich Steinseifer PhD, Rüdiger Autschbach MD
Early Wear Development in a Novel Mechanical Heart Valve Prosthesis made from Polymeric Materials
Daniel Medart, Ulrich Steinseifer, Helmut Reul, Thomas Schmitz-Rode
Editorial: Management of Active Infective Endocarditis Complicated by Large Vegetations
Dieter Horstkotte MD, Cornelia Piper MD
Early Surgery or Medical Treatment in Endocarditis Complicated by Embolism from a Large, Mobile Vegetation? A Case-Based Discussion
Sarah A. Haines BSc, Zoe Astroulakis BSc, Toufan Bahrami MD, R. Andrew Archbold MD
Our Inability to Predict Thromboembolic Events after Prosthetic Valve Surgery
Malcolm B. Will MRCS, Gillian M. Bernacca PhD, Elizabeth F. Bell, Margaret M. Tolland, Gordon D. O. Lowe FRCP, Ann Rumley PhD, Heather M. Murray MSc, Ian Ford PhD, David J. Wheatley FRCS
Early Postoperative Anticoagulation After Mechanical Valve Replacement: A Canadian Survey
Alexander Kulik MD, Fraser D. Rubens MD, Donna Baird MN, Philip S. Wells MD, Clive Kearon MB, Thierry G. Mesana MD, B.-Khanh Lam MD
Right-Sided Cardiac Involvement in Osteogenesis Imperfecta
Minesh Khashu MD, Gustavo Pelligra MD, George G. S. Sandor MBChB, Avash J. Singh FRCPC
Invited letter
Waldemar Hort MD, Dieter Horstkotte MD