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You are here: Contents > 2014 > Volume 23 Number 6 November 2014

Volume 23 Number 6 November 2014


Determinants of Persistent or Recurrent Congestive Heart Failure after Contemporary Surgical Aortic Valve Replacement
Vincent Chan, Fraser Rubens, Munir Boodhwani, Thierry Mesana, Marc Ruel
Minimally Invasive Aortic Valve Replacement in Octogenarians Performed via a Right Anterior Thoracotomy Approach
Rama K. Krishna, Orlando Santana, Christos G. Mihos, Andrés M. Pineda, Ursula Keller Weiss, Joseph Lamelas
Post-Procedural Arterial Hypertension: Implications for Clinical Outcome after Transcatheter Aortic Valve Implantation
Markus Reinthaler, Barbara E. Stähli, Aerkondal B. Gopalamurugan, Philip Y. Xiu, Suneil K. Aggarwal, Georg Fröhlich, Nicola Delahunty, Michael J. Mullen
Modeling Study of Aortic Root for Ross Procedure: A Structural Finite Element Analysis
Aike Qiao, Youlian Pan, Nianguo Dong
Does the Number of Redo Mitral Valve Replacements for Structural Valve Deterioration affect Early and Late Outcomes? Experience from 114 Reoperative Cases
Naoto Fukunaga, Yukikatsu Okada, Yasunobu Konishi, Takashi Murashita, Tadaaki Koyama
Asymmetric Ring Annuloplasty for Ischemic Mitral Regurgitation: Early and Mid-Term Outcomes
Giuseppe Gatti, Luca Dell’Angela, Bruno Pinamonti, Livio Gon, Bernardo Benussi, Gianfranco Sinagra, Aniello Pappalardo
Progression of Degenerative Mitral Stenosis: Insights From a Cohort of 254 Patients
Gaurav Tyagi, Patricia Dang, Ioana Pasca, Reena Patel, Ramdas G. Pai
A Model of Ischemic Mitral Regurgitation in Pigs with Three-Dimensional Echocardiographic Assessment
Masahito Minakawa, J. Daniel Robb, Masato Morita, Kevin J. Koomalsingh, Mathieu Vergnat, Matthew J. Gillespie, Joseph H. Gorman III, Robert C. Gorman
Real-World Echocardiography in Patients Referred for Mitral Valve Surgery: The Gap Between Guidelines and Clinical Practice
Lotte E. de Groot-de Laat, Ben Ren, Jackie McGhie, Frans B. S. Oei, Goris Bol Raap, Ad J. J. C. Bogers, Marcel L. Geleijnse
Effect of Mitral Annuloplasty Device Shape and Size on Leaflet and Myofiber Stress Following Repair of Posterior Leaflet Prolapse: A Patient-Specific Finite-Element Simulation
William G. Morrel, Liang Ge, Alison Ward, Zhihong Zhang, Eugene A. Grossi, Julius M. Guccione, Mark B. Ratcliffe
Latent Q Fever Endocarditis in Patients Undergoing Routine Valve Surger
Dominique Grisoli, Matthieu Million, Sophie Edouard, Franck Thuny, Hubert Lepidi, Frédéric Collart, Gilbert Habib, Didier Raoult
Efficacy of Nafamostat Mesilate as Anticoagulation During Cardiopulmonary Bypass for Early Surgery in Patients with Active Infective Endocarditis Complicated by Stroke
Toshihito Sakamoto, Hiroya Kano, Shunsuke Miyahara, Takeshi Inoue, Naoto Izawa, Yasuko Gotake, Masamichi Matsumori, Kenji Okada, Yutaka Okita
Determinants for Increased Resource Utilization after Surgery for Prosthetic Valve Endocarditis
Herko Grubitzsch, Andreas Schäfer, Benamin Claus, Sascha Treskatsch, Michael Sander, Wolfgang Konertz
Permanent Lone Atrial Fibrillation and Atrioventricular Valve Regurgitation: May the Former Lead to the Latter?
Michal Oren, Ohad Oren, Alexander Feldman, Lev Bloch, Yoav Turgeman
Patient-Specific Finite Element Analysis of Ascending Thoracic Aortic Aneurysm
Andrew D. Wisneski, Aart Mookhoek, Sam Chitsaz, Michael D. Hope, Julius M. Guccione, Liang Ge, Elaine E. Tseng
Double Arterial Perfusion Strategy for Acute Type A Dissection after Extra-Anatomic Bypass for Aortic Coarctation
Takashi Nishimura, James Beck, Hiroo Takayama, Isaac George
Platelet Activation after Sorin Freedom Solo Valve Implantation: A Comparative Study with Carpentier-Edwards Perimount Magna
Alberto Repossini, Laura Tononi, Giuliana Martini, Lorenzo Di Bacco, Laura Giroletti, Fabrizio Rosati, Claudio Muneretto
Minimally Invasive Approach for Isolated Tricuspid Valve Surgery
Pablo Urband, Orlando Santana, Christos G. Miho, Andres M. Pineda, Joseph Lamelas
Papillary Muscle Force Distribution after Total Tricuspid Reconstruction using Porcine Extracellular Matrix: In-Vitro Valve Characterization
Diana M. Ropcke, Morten O. J. Jensen, Henrik Jensen, Tine Hejslet, Sten L. Nielsen
Aortic Valve Replacement with the Perceval S Bioprosthesis: Single-Center Experience in 143 Patients
Konstantinos Zannis, Jérémie Joffre, Daniel Czitrom, Thierry Folliguet, Milena Noghin, Emmanuel Lansac, Laurens Mitchell-Heggs, Mathieu Debauchez, François Laborde
Quantitative Cardiology: Back to Square One
Jeffrey B. Geske, Titus C. Evans, Jr., Rick A. Nishimura